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"A  Brand Centred Around You. "

We can summarise the information below in two words....... Timeless Elegance.

We cover the popular mainstream shabby chic ranges (Provencal Antique White , Noir ) which are finished with a 9 step finish and very popular. These are purchased direct from the suppliers bypassing the Uk wholesalers and their mark ups/overheads making this range cheaper than  most.

 Our top line French designs (Chateau Royal Antique White , Muted Silver Leaf , Light Cream , Gold and Mahogany) were introduced 3 years ago and the feedback has been exceptional .

Finally we have the Classical ranges , comprising of quirky , individual and exceptional pieces , in effect a showcase of what we can do .

Each one can take up to 8 weeks to build polish and finish.

Looks nice from the front ?

"The back ain't so bad either. " We even craft and finish the areas not normally seen.

The French Furniture Company is a  leader in online furniture retail. We provide our customers an opportunity to purchase furniture from the comfort of your own homes.  

As opposed to mass produced French style furniture,   our products are handmade from mahogany using traditional carving and finishing techniques handed down to our craftsmen from generation to generation.

 We offer a vast  array of fine furniture destined to become family heirlooms

The French Furniture Company makes it easy and affordable for to purchase a piece of furniture that bears  a testament to fine craftsmanship.

What we do to benefit you

Our Furniture is of the highest quality, created by highly skilled craftsmen, using superior materials and techniques. 



Yet we can offer you furniture at reasonable prices. You love our Furniture and more so our prices- but how do we do that?  

Well, we simply cut out the middlemen. 

By ‘middlemen’ we mean the layers of companies and individuals employed by corporations to purchase materials, manage suppliers and sell their products at inflated prices. 

All of these people and their bills need to be paid and these extra costs are passed on to you, the customer. 

We disrupt the traditional, outdated business model to create a brand that is centred around you. 

We create our own designs and have the furniture manufactured ourselves. 

This results in a simpler, more efficient process, which in turn allows us to pay our manufacturers more fairly and ensure that our customers pay a price that cannot be beaten.

All the images of our furniture on this website are commissioned by our company ,we simply  don’t use  the same old Library pictures you may have seen on other websites. 

We know our products intimately.

 How it all started

Our love of French Furniture started early in life when we purchased antiques to  decorate our own interiors.  

The symmetry, balance and proportions of furniture were some of the reasons we fell in love with French style in the first place. 


 As time went on we found that the good quality antiques that were once reasonably priced were  becoming extremely expensive.

 What was widely available was lower quality mass  produced vintage furniture which needed a lot of restoration. 

We believed there had to be a better way of getting quality furniture pieces without the  price tag. 

As a result we decided to design furniture inspired by and incorporating  motifs and embellishments found on authentic antiques.  

Our furniture designers came up with classic pieces that you will be proud to own.

The quality and workmanship of our furniture is second to none and we are confident  that when you receive your order you will know you have received a piece inspired by  history.

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