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FW-816S Oval Dining Set


Oval  Dining Set

Consists of :

1 Oval Dining Table (FW-816 )

This oval table takes is designs from our round table , and gives and extra 60 cm of width.

If a rectangular table is too large , yet you need just a bit more width , this will do the trick.

Seats 4

4 x Rattan Dining Chair (FW805)

This dining chair is carved by hand from mahogany and has the typical French embellishments  from light carvings on the feet though the curved legs and culminates in a flower design on the top of the chair. 

We use double piping on the cream/white pinstripe to give that little bit extra.

In general , rattan backed chairs have the single layer of rattan and nothing to prevent the back tearing in time , so we use a  back support to  give extra durability and to ensure that your chair will  last many years.

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